Friday, May 29, 2009

May has been a crazy month...we started the month with Soph's 16th bday. My son surprised me with a 2 1/2 week visit...the best Mother's Day gift ever!! My other kids got me a pair of flippy floppies with chocolate labs on them and they sponsered a giraffe for a year at the zoo in my awesome. I really do have some sweet kids! Then we had a dinner party for 14 of B's co-workers. We painted our downstairs so it would look nice and Cory & I cooked mexican food. It turned out to be alot of fun. Next, Chels turned 21...had to have a big party for that...we actually had a party weekend for it. One of my nephews flew in and surprised her for that.

We finish the school year next week and we are all ready for the summer break. Not to sure about vacay plans yet but we are working on it!! I was hoping to go to the beach house with my sis and her family but it's not going to work out this time:(

I'm trying to get my kid's summer reading lists together...any suggestions? I have a few that I want them to read but am always open to any and all recommendations!

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